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Naxos Island


One of the best holiday destinations in Greece

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Naxos Town

Naxos Island is one of the best holiday destinations among the Greek Islands, and its many attractions include excellent sandy beaches, unique beauty, variety of landscape, numerous historical places, beautiful walking wander routes, tradition that has been preserved in many villages.

There are more than 40 villages to visit and most of them have their own style and customs. Most of the villages in Naxos Island are in the middle and the north of the island. There are many routes to choose from, and for the adventure lovers there are more than 20 walking tours to discover olive groves, forests, caves, ravines.

Naxos Town (or Hora) is Naxos Island capital and port and it is a lively town. Potamia is a group of three beautiful villages in a fertile valley, Melanes is close to Potamia and it is the place to see the huge statue of Kouros. Apeiranthos is a pretty village on the slops of Mount Zas at 650m altitude, Koronos, a stepped village is is one of the Koronos Village in Naxosmost beautiful villages on the Island. Keramoti is situated in an attractive position full of walnut trees and surrounded by mountains.

Halki or Tragea once administrative centre, is a beautiful village with long history. Filoti is nice village, sourrounded by olive groves and settled on the flank of Zas mountain. Sagri with its ancient monuments, Byzantine Churches, Venetian castles is one of the interesting places in Naxos.

Naxos offers a wide range for activities. The island is the paradise for wind surfers and water sports. It is also one of the best islands for walking tours.

Because Naxos is located in the middle of Cyclades Islands, is ideal for day trips or a yacht chartering. Agia Anna is the place where you can start a horse riding tour and discover the area on the back of a horse.

Naxos Island has long history, Venetian occupation, Byzantine period, Hellenistic period, Archaic period and it goes back to Neolithic period. Churches with byzantine frescoes, ruins of neolithic settlements, ancient temples, Frank castles, Venetian castles, palaces, archaeological museums, folklore museums marked with the stamp of past glories and they are worth seeing them.

Naxos Island
Naxos Island
Naxos Island
Naxos Island

Getting Here

By Sea
There are plenty sea schedules to Naxos Island from Piraeus Port (Athens) and to the neighbour islands. Journey time from Piraeus is 3.5 hours with catamaran and 5.5 hours with ferry.

By Air
Naxos is connected to Athens with Olympic Airways. Journey time from Athens International Airport is only 30 minutes.

Getting to Naxos via Santorini international airport and then ferry cross to Naxos Island (1.5 - 2 hours) is an alternative option.

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